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PLoS journals (open access), very impressive success story Friday, 17 February 2006 6:17 pm

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This is a post from the STS list by Flora Grabowska (Science Librarian, Vassar College), originally published in the 1/27/2006 PLoS e-Newsletter, it’s posted below in full for you to peruse. It’s pretty impressive stuff considering the short history of these PLoS (Public Library of Science) journals since their launch dates (they vary).

Impact Factor

PLoS Biology received its first Impact Factor from the ISI of 13.9, placing it #1 among general Biology journals, above the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and the EMBO Journal, both well established journals published by prestigious scientific organizations.

PLoS Stats

Unique Users

The number of unique users visiting our journal web sites, every month, as identified by their IP addresses, has more than doubled in 2005, from approximately 74,000 in January to over 160,000 in December (aggregated for all journals).


PLoS Biology and PLoS Medicine papers were downloaded over 180,000 times (full paper downloads, not just hits) in December 2005. The Community Journals’ usage stats are also growing nicely, with PLoS Computational Biology receiving nearly 22,000 hits in December, just six months after its launch.

PLoS Journal Downloads

PLoS Journal

2003 2004 2005

PLoS Biology

220,544 (3 months) 1,039,434 1,917,744

PLoS Medicine

  100,720 (3 months) 881,572

PLoS Computational Biology

    125,661 (7 months)

PLoS Genetics

    112,079 (6 months)

PLoS Pathogens

    38,951 (4 months)

PLoS articles have garnered wide media coverage in the U.S. and internationally. The ability to quickly publish open access quality research articles allows for broader dissemination. PLoS articles are routinely discussed in popular press including: New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, NPR, Guardian, and BBC.



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