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the afternoon preconference workshop that I attended, “Creating Online Tutorials Wednesday, 22 March 2006 2:29 am

Posted by Dongmei in free/Open Source Software, Library Instruction.

in Less Than 30 Minutes?” by Greg Notess, the guy of “Search Engine Showdown“.

Is it possible to create well-planned library tutorials (with audios) in 30 minutes? I guess you have to ask Greg yourself. To me, for quick and dirty ones, it’s possible … but well-planned, well-executed library tutorials, I don’t think so 😦

A new term (at least to me), screencast/screencasting … check out Jon Udell’s Screencasting Bookmarks (http://del.icio.us/judell/Screencasting)

Greg indicated that there are commercial and free software out there for screen capture and voice recording, the best options are still those commercial ones (Camtasia Studio, Macromedia Captivate, etc.). (This kind of echoes with my opinion, in an email sent out to my ref folks at CofC quite a while ago, I stressed that we should invest some money in some tutorial software that’s popular and suit our needs, based on my former experiences with Captivate, Viewlet, and some reviews of this type of software).
He gave quite a few examples of tutorials created using each software that he mentioned in the workshop.

Interestingly enough, he seems to like Camtasia a lot, while I remember in one of the review article that I forwarded to my colleagues in an email quite a while ago, they seem to favor Captivate over Camtasia. (I have to dig that review out).

A free software “Wink” (www.debugmode.com/wink) is worth to check out, even though it currently can record only screen actions, no sound, yet (but savvy tech folks may want to combine with Audacity or other audio recording tool/software).

For more updates and software options, watch this wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screencast).

He gave a lot screencasting planning tips, recording tips (for audio, video, and error handling).

For usability and planning, he mentioned the TUSCWOG (Tutorial Using Screen Capture Working Group).

Here are a few sites to watch for screencasting news:



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[…] I have given my workshop “Creating Online Tutorials in Less Than 30 Minutes” several times this year. This site is based on much of that content, but if you’d like to read some attendee’s summaries of the workshop that I gave in Monterey at Internet Librarian 2006, see Cindy Chick’s post at LawLibTech and one from the Impromptu Librarian. For an older version, see a report from the workshop I gave in March at Computers in Libraries 2006. […]

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