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Off-Campus/Remote Access to SciFinder Scholar, finally here at CofC! Thursday, 27 April 2006 5:13 pm

Posted by Dongmei in chemistry, databases, Library Resources.

Nobody can imagine how thrilled I was when I tested this at home last night and this morning, the SciFinder Scholar search interface finally came up before my eyes (I can't believe that was real).  So thrilled that I could forget all the frustrations that I encountered during many times of testing and unsuccessful end results, and all the frustrations encountered emailing back and forth various folks at Admin Computing and Acad Computing … …  

Imagine, I embarked upon this ever since I stepped upon this campus, it was not easy, many hurdles encountered, and I started from scratch, from putting the installation files on the library server, then in a password-protected folder (thought one day chem folks would download the client software from off-campus, and then access via VPN); separated from this, also generated the application file for the Mac OS X users to download (on-campus) and use; created various tutorials and guides, gathered many related resource pages, designed the SciFinder Scholar Gateway page http://www.cofc.edu.nuncio.cofc.edu/~library/sfs.html, as a comparison, you can check out the page before I came here: http://www.cofc.edu/~library/scifinder.html. (For all these services and resources, hard work and persistence, I think I derserve some palm clapping, do I?)

But in this post, I do wish to give all my sincere thanks to Admin Computing's Thomas Kascak and Carlos Diaz, it's their tech knowledge and hard work that made this finally happen (Thanks again, Tom and Carlos!); I also wish to thank the new CIO Robert Cape whose powerful email started the closed dialogue all over again. 

Forgive me, I purposedly kept the best for the last, here's a one page tip sheet on How to Access SciFinder Scholar 2006 from Off-Campus (http://www.cofc.edu.nuncio.cofc.edu/~library/scholar/sfs06_offcampus.pdf).



1. Tom Gilson - Thursday, 27 April 2006 6:58 pm

Congratulations! Persistence truly pays off. It is also good to see the computing folks working with you to find solutions to these issues.
I hope that our Chemistry faculty and students will take advantage of all of your efforts and hard work.

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