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solution for Mac users, a few other clarifications regarding Fairview (regarding SciFinder Scholar remote access) Friday, 28 April 2006 10:50 am

Posted by Dongmei in chemistry, databases, Library Resources.

I haven't forgot about you Mac users (How many do we have here in the Chem. Dept?) …

You all know that there's a Mac OS X version for SciFinder Scholar.  Fairview is a windows terminal server so it does not run Mac applications.  However, there's a Mac solution.  Mac OS X users can install the Microsoft remote desktop application on your mac systems to reach fairview.cofc.edu.  Once you connect to fairview on you Macs, the client software will function just as if you are using it on a windows PC.  To download the Microsoft remote desktop application for Mac OS X, click on the below link.  Once the application is installed on the mac system, the login screen will look very similar to the remote desktop application on the windows system.  Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.3 for Mac OS X: 

or a shortened URLhttp://tinyurl.com/3vqv7

More clarifications about Fairview:
1.  Fairview access is stable but the IT folks are still evaluating the technology. 
2.  Connections to Fairview are only limited by the number of licenses they have purchased for the terminal server.  At this  
time, they do not have enough licenses for general faculty and staff access.  For that reason, they are only giving access to Fairview for specialized applications such as this chemistry database.  
3.  The SciFinder Scholar 2006 client program has been installed on the server, the (chem) faculty don't have to install the client on their end. 

(Again, thanks Admin Comp's Thomas for providing answers to my questions). 



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