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more data in PubChem Monday, 19 June 2006 4:34 pm

Posted by Dongmei in chemistry, open access.

(cited from STS-L, George Porter's email post on May 2, 2006)

This has been out there for a while, for those that haven't read this …

PubChem now contains chemical structures and bioassay data from the Structural Genomics Consortium (Oxford) and bioassay data from the San Diego Center for Chemical Genomics.

PubChem is organized as three linked databases within the NCBI's Entrez information retrieval system.

These are PubChem Substance, PubChem Compound, and PubChem BioAssay. PubChem also provides a fast chemical structure similarity search tool (Structure Search).



1. Tom - Monday, 19 June 2006 6:25 pm

Science news is both more important, and less distributed than just about any other news out there. Thanks for your posts and for getting the word out there. I’ve just started a science explanation blog as a scientist who’s frustrated with the public opinion of science and the way it is stored and safeguarded by academia. Check it out at http://thenewphenomenology.blogspot.com/, it’s called The Scientific Method, and it’s goal is to educate the general public about difficult scientific concepts and approaches.

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