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Open Access publishing in physics gains momentum Tuesday, 7 November 2006 12:20 pm

Posted by Dongmei in open access, physics, science related news.

from 11/6/06’s Fermilab Today:
/CERN Press Release/,
November 3, 2006:
*Open Access publishing in physics gains momentum* Geneva, 3 November
2006. The first meeting of European particle physics funding agencies
took place today at CERN[1] to establish a consortium for Open Access
publishing in particle physics, SCOAP3[2]. This is the first time an
entire scientific field is exploring the conversion of its reader-paid
journals into an author-paid Open Access format. Open Access is a
policy that could revolutionize the academic publishing world and have
a great impact on research. By changing the traditional model of
financing publications through reader subscriptions, the publications
will be free to readers and financed by funding agencies via
laboratories and the authors. This new concept in publishing will
broaden opportunities for researchers and funding agencies in achieving
greater benefit from unrestricted distribution of the results of their publicly funded research.

(Thanks to Bob Michaelson, Northwestern University for sharing this on the sts-l)

Bob also shares his concern of the whole field (particle physics) rushes to the open access publishing (when applies to commercially-published journals, we will lose even the little market control we now have over publishing costs). I guess time will speak about its success or failure.



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