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Citing articles with CIDs Monday, 7 August 2006 3:57 pm

Posted by Dongmei in citation style, physics.
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This came from an email question (part of it) that was referred to me (by our Ask-a-librarian service):

For those that are not familiar with CIDs, it’s short for Citation Identifiers, they are used often in physics journals.

The last two digits of CIDs represent the publication order within that issue and section.  “The format for citing articles published in Journal of Biomedical Optics is only marginally changed, with the six-digit CID appearing in the place traditionally filled by a page number”. 

An example of the correct citation format for JBO is:

A. Smith and B. Jones, J. Biomed. Opt. 10, 023007 (2005). 

For more info on CID, see the Citation Format page on JBO http://spiedl.aip.org/journals/doc/SPIEDL-home/jrnls/boo/JBOcitation_format.jsp