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best sellers in biology Friday, 23 April 2010 10:53 am

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From Aug 2009 to date, as identified by YBP Lib Services.

The top five are (For the whole list of 20 titles, check out this LJ article):

1) The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
Dawkins, Richard
Free Press
2009. ISBN 1416594787 [9781416594789]. $30

2) Naming Nature: The Clash Between Instinct and Science
Yoon, Carol Kaesuk
W.W. Norton
2009. ISBN 0393061973 [9780393061970]. $27.95

3) The Princeton Guide to Ecology
Levin, Simon A.
Princeton University Press
2009. ISBN 0691128391 [9780691128399]. $95

4) How We Live and Why We Die: The Secret Lives of Cells
Wolpert, Lewis
W.W. Norton
2009. ISBN 0393072215 [9780393072211]. $24.95

5) Critical Transitions in Nature and Society
Scheffer, Marten
Princeton University Press
2009. ISBN 0691122032 [9780691122038]. $99.50


Have you seen a moonbow before? Tuesday, 11 August 2009 2:06 pm

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NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day for yesterday (8/10/09) captures a moonbow, several rainbows, the starry sky visible in 2009 February over Patagonia in Chile.  I’ve never seen a moonbow before, have you?

Had stayed in Honolulu for almost 5 years before moved to mainland, I’ve seen plenty of rainbows (you’ll see a lot if you stay on the campus of the Univ of Hawai’i at Manoa).  As you can see, moonbows are lit by the moon just as rainbows are lit by the sun.  Both rainbows and moonbows are created by light being scattered inside small water droplets, typically from a nearby rainfall.  It’s still fascinating to see it … even in a video.

remote access to SciFinder Tuesday, 16 June 2009 4:47 pm

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Last week one chem professor told me that he had trouble accessing the new SciFinder Web version remotely, and he indicated that this was not just him, a few others had the same problem.  I thought I would go through the authentication process again, hoping that this will clear things up.

After you register for your username and password via SciFinder Registration, if you’re at home (or somewhere remotely), don’t just go to http://scifinder.cas.org, that will not work.  You have to go to the link on the Library’s Database Page http://library.cofc.edu/search_collection/databases.php (and click on S) or go to the Chemistry LibGuide http://libguides.library.cofc.edu/chemistry (click on the tab: Find Articles), either way it will take you to this link SciFinder Web Version (http://nuncio.cofc.edu/login?url=https://scifinder.cas.org/scifinder).  Alternatively, you can bookmark this link too.

What this link does is it will take you through the EZProxy Server, which authenticate you as a CofC affiliate (it will ask for your Cougar domain account, basically your cofc email before the @ sign, same password).  After that, you use the SciFinder username and password that you registered to log into SciFinder.

It’s what I call a double authentication process, hopefully, ACS will eventually drop the username authentication, just use the EZProxy authentication like everybody else is doing.

Hopefully this clear things up for you all.  If you still have trouble access it remotely, don’t hesitate to contact me (email remains the best way to contact me, or poke me in Facebook).

Using Internet Explorer 8 with SciFinder Tuesday, 31 March 2009 10:29 am

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from CAS:

On March 19, 2009, a new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 8, was  released. Internet Explorer 8 is currently incompatible with SciFinder; however, researchers can use a built-in compatibility setting that allows you to view SciFinder as displayed in Internet Explorer 7.

The Compatibility View Setting allows Internet Explorer 8 users to maintain a list of sites that can be displayed in Compatibility View. There are also options for viewing all websites and intranet sites in Compatibility View.  To learn more about how to use the feature, visit the CAS web page titled Using Internet Explorer 8 with SciFinder.

Please note:If you print detailed reference answers when using Compatibility View, some content will be missing. You can export your answer as a PDF or .rtf file and then print the exported files.”

CAS is working on a permanent solution to use SciFinder with Internet Explorer 8.

SciFinder Web version Thursday, 29 January 2009 8:26 pm

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It’s finally here at College of Charleston, are you excited?  From now on you don’t need to install the client software any more.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Register for a user name and password using SciFinder Registration first before you use this new Web version!
Note: Use the following link to find out How to Register to Use SciFinder:   http://library.cofc.edu/scholar/HowToRegisterToUseSciFinder.pdf.
Only people with CofC email can create a user name and password.

2.  SciFinder Web Version (use the user name and password that you registered to log in)

The client version will cease to work on Apr. 17, 2009. So try out the Web version now.

(The links are on the library databases page underneath the old SciFinder Scholar (library only) link.  It’s also on the Chem Libguide)

Besides all the features that you love in the client version, CAS promises that the Web version has more features you will become to love and is easy to use.